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Check Out Our New Fellini Movie Soundtrack Gallery

Nino Rota with Federico Fellini

Celebrating Federico Fellini's career goes hand in hand with celebrating his long time collaborator Nino Rota. Rota and Fellini made a formable team with Rota scoring every Fellini film from 1951's "White Sheik" to 1979's "Orchestral Rehearsal". Fellini had a deep appreciation and affection for Rota. In his own words, here is Fellini's describing their collaboration.

"I was deeply fond of Nino Rota. He was an important collaborator. He would sit at the piano and I would tell him what I wanted. He would express in notes and tunes what I had said in words. He always understood what I had vaguely in my mind, but couldn’t express musically. He thought La Strada would make an excellent opera libretto, and perhaps someday it will be one, but regrettably not with his music. He had a wonderful disposition, and there was never a time with him that I felt like I was working. He was always modest, seeing his music as something secondary to the film, which has to be true for film music."

We will be doing an in-depth look at the Fellini/Rota collaboration in a future posting. For now, here's a small sampling of the beautiful artwork on Fellini Soundtrack album covers. Many more can be found in our new launched soundtrack gallery with new album covers added every week.

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