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Asa Nisi Masa

Fellini's "Rosebud"

During this 100th year anniversary of Fellini's birth you can expect to see a lot of features on Fellini's life and his movies. One particular film seems to be getting the most attention (and for good reason). 8 1/2 ranks among Fellini fans as one of his best films. It's also in the top five of many critics list of greatest films of all time. We're always on the look out here at Fellini 2020 for fresh views of this masterpiece and I'm happy to say we found one today. It's always great when a film critic writes about a film you love and is able to articulate something you love about the film in a way that you might not have thought of yourself. Sebastian See, art critic for the Washington Post did just that for me in his appreciation of a special scene from 8 1/2. You can read it here.

ASA NISI MASA Sequence From 8 1/2

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